Alan McManus

Former pupil, Alan McManus

“I worked with Jim for a number of years, he is an excellent coach, 1st class player and helped me to achieve the standard I reached in my professional career. It is great to see Jim spending more time helping other to become better players.” Alan McManus

Alan ‘Angles’ McManus has 3 tournament wins under his belt after turning professional in 1990. Alan spent 4 years as world number 6 and has a career high break of 143 as well as accumulating over £2,000,000 in prize money.

 Against Nigel Bond in the 2003 World Championships in Sheffield, Alan played what is considered one of snooker’s most notable flukes. Faced with a brown just a few inches from the bottom left corner pocket, Alan struck the ball and watched as it jumped over the pocket, landed on the side rail, rolled half way along the length of the table, and dropped into the middle pocket from above.

Championship Tournament Wins

Dubai Duty Free Classic

Thailand Open

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