Andy Hall

A few months ago, my son and I expressed an interest to each other that we’d both enjoy a game of snooker occasionally to have some quality father/son time together. He is a final year student and I split my time between photography and teaching so it is very difficult to find a window when we’re not busy.
After a few frames at our local golf club, we both found it a little frustrating due to our (particularly my) limited skills. Rather than giving up at the first hurdle, I went on to the internet and discovered Jim’ Donnelly’s name, offering to coach beginners or people whose skills had long disappeared. After a chat to Jim, my son and I drove down to Glasgow for a two hour snooker coaching session that was to lead to us playing and enjoying three or four games a week.
Jim is a skilled teacher. He analysed our weaknesses in terms of stance, cueing and rhythm and deconstructed our flaws, (mine considerably greater than my son’s). He then rebuilt everything to the point where we could go back to Stonehaven and practise, secure in the knowledge that we had been taught the correct methods in a way that left us both feeling that we wanted to play regularly.
As a teacher myself, I can appreciate Jim’s communication skills, always insisting on the course member learning by doing rather than watching. The basis of Jim’s method is to have a solid foundation, practising based on sound technique and developing a feel for every shot.
Both my son and I love playing snooker together now and I’m amazed at how many games go to the final black ball. This keeps us both motivated. Neither of us wants to play in leagues but Jim’s undoubted skill has opened up a completely new and hitherto undiscovered way of having a very pleasant hour or so together, two or three times a week. We both value this time hugely and I thoroughly recommend a few hours wih Jim to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as us. You won’t regret it.

Andy Hall, Stonehaven

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