Dimitri Fonteny, France

First of all I would like to thank you for the great time I had in Glasgow and at the Q club. You made it special as I was not expecting a professional coach would take me out for a sandwich and carry on discussing about snooker or organising few frames with Michael and Dunlop,I realy enjoyed that.

The week I had in Glasgow made me discover and understand a lot more about snooker.  I now understand how does the “white” works and what I am doing at the table. While practicing on my own, I can correct myself when I am doing something wrong and I am getting more and more efficient and confident.
I still have a lot to do and I know it will take time but things are coming together as my cue action is nearly automatic (It’s a huge difference on the quality and success of every shot!!!).
I really enjoy reproducing the exercises you gave me as I can see the evolution session after session.

My regrets about the week I had would be:

– A lot of informations to take in one week. The week after I just didin’t want to play (but you are not responsible of that because there is so many things to go through)
– I wish we could had more time on the tactical part because it’s so interesting.
– I wish I could had a few frames with Allan MacMannus and Stephen Maguire.

In conclusion, I think I will come back to verify the last two points mentionned above.

As I said to you the first day, “I don’t have time to practice 20 hours a week but I need you to help me working smarter” and that’s what you have done by your approach of the game and the passion you have for it.

Thank you Jim and I will let you know regarding my different results.


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