Missing Professional Competitions

I recently recieved an email from Nick in Manchester asking if I missed playing in the pro tournaments?

The answer is not suprisingly yes. Playing in professional tournaments was an amazing time in my life and the buzz I got playing at the top level in the sport I love was just fantastic, something you simply cant buy. I will never forget how I felt walking into the Crucible arena to play the great Ray Reardon in the World Championships, that was just incredible, especially when the Hurricane is playing on the next table. I have played some great players in my career including 6 world champions and now my passion for the game is transferred into coaching. Helping a new generation of players inspires me to improve their game and hopefully achieve the success of many of my previous students .

So to Nick and all the players out there who dream of reaching that height, practice hard, be dedicated and competitive and you might achieve your dream too.

Good luck


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