Snooker Coaching by Jim Donnelly

Snooker Coaching by Jim Donnelly

Love Snooker?

Then let me improve your snooker.

If you are interested in improving any aspect of your game, snooker coaching available to all age groups.

All levels of experience undertaken, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player the coaching sessions will be adapted to your ability and learning pace giving everyone a unique and individual experience.

Snooker coaching is offered on an individual, pair or group basis with club coaching seminars offered for larger numbers.

Coaching is divided into sessions and covers every aspect of the game from simple cueing and timing techniques through to advanced competitive play.

Whatever you are looking for you should find it here.

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About Jim Donnelly

Jim turned professional in 1982. In his first season as a snooker professional he reached the world championship finals in Sheffield and quickly moved up the world rankings to reach a career of high 29 in the world beating a number of world top ranking players including:

Steve Davis (England Centenery Match)
Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins
Dennis Taylor
David Taylor ‘The Silver Fox’
Patsy Fagan
Steven Hendry (Pro-am)

to name a few…

Jim’s Snooker Career

Highest World Ranking – 29th
First Scottish professional to reach the final of The World Championships (at the Crucible)
Represented Scotland in several world team championships
Scottish Amateur Champion
Scottish Amateur Internationalist

Jim pictured here with good friends Lahk Sharma, the owner of the first luxury snooker centre to open in Scotland and, World Ranked number 2 (2009/10), Stephen Maguire.

Jim has also been a professional fitness instructor for the last 18 years which he worked in-between snooker coaching. Due to more relaxed business commitments, Jim is now availible for coaching sessions world-wide. Contact Jim to enquire about snooker coaching and what he can offer you.

World ranked professional and practice partner Marcus Campbell.

“I’ve played with Jim for a number of years. He is an excellent player and was responsible for a lot of world ranked players from Scotland making in the professional game.”, Marcus Campbell